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I'm a forty something mother of two girls ages 17 and 11. I enjoy knitting and figuring skating. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 7 and I'm still "figuring out knitting!"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My First KAL . . . That I Think I Might Finish

Circle Shrug Yoke
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I decided to join a KAL. I tried one before but I never seemed to be able to keep up and decided that the sweater, Lionbrand's Cable Luxe Tunic, must have been too much for me at the time. I am slowly finishing the Sweater though. This next one is going much better. I was able to join the Lionbrand Yarn, Textured Circle Shrug, Knit A Long and keep up. Stefanie Japel, one of my favorite designers is moderating / hosting and I am so excited. Her designs are elegant, yet very easy to wear and make. The design chosen for the KAL is her Textured Circle Shrug from the Book GlamKnits. Lionbrand has offered the pattern for free for a short time so you don't have to buy the book. Stefanie is blogging weekly at Lionbrand with lots of great tips and hints for making things go smoothly. It is like having the designer sitting next to you helping you with knitting the design. It's great! I'm looking forward to having a wonderful sweater and making a few online friends on the Ravelry group for the KAL.


  1. Cable luxe tunic was too much for me to begin, but I'm loving this current KAL! Can't wait to see your finished shrug.

  2. I loved the shrug KAL. I finished my shrug and it turned out really nicely! Thanks for commenting!