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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Holiday?

This weekend will be spent taking care of things about my house and for my family. I am cleaning closets, DD #2 room and boy do I have a lot of stuff that I'm getting rid of. I am in a good mood to be cleaning. I want to be rid of clutter right now. I need it. That means its a perfect time to be doing what I am doing.
On other family front . . . my FIL will be moving to a nursing facility soon. He has been in the hospital and not doing very well outside of the hospital. I know that it will be very hard for my MIL to be without him at home but he will be much better off going where his condition can be monitored. I know that he wishes things could be different. It is hard for me to imagine how hard it must be to want to do so much and not have your body working for you. He is a wonderful man and I hope that we as his family can make what we can see as the end of his life with us as wonderful as possible.
I have decided that I am going to finish a shawl I had in hibernation for my MIL and give it to her as a prayer shawl. I know that she will be especially fond of it and know that my prayers are in every stitch. She is a beautiful woman who I am proud to have as a part of my life. I know she thinks of me as her daughter from the time that I married her son and my DH nearly 20 yrs ago. That means a lot to me because I have such a close family of my own and they have a good relationship with my MIL and FIL too. When I called my DM to tell her that things were not looking good, she asked how he was and called my MIL after we talked for a while. Things are OK for now and that makes me feel somewhat better.

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