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I'm a forty something mother of two girls ages 17 and 11. I enjoy knitting and figuring skating. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 7 and I'm still "figuring out knitting!"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Fun and Some Not So Fun

First, the Fun, a quiz

Question for you: What's the best knitting gift you ever received?

Weather outside: Warm, but I do belive that it will soon be fall.
What hurts: My heart. I am sad about the loss of my FIL on Monday.
What I want to eat: Nothing in particular, my appetite is pretty much gone.
What I'm wearing: Tinkerbell
What I'm crafting: two sweaters, Mermaid Socks, traveling woman shawl
What I'm watching: HGTV
Best thing that happened this weekend: Volleyball
Worst thing that happened this weekend: Barely slept at all - FIL was dying
What I'm most looking forward to this week: getting to the end of it
What I'm least looking forward to this week: a funeral
Last thing I bought: Yarn
Something I want to buy: nothing in particular
A link to share: nothing in particular

Now, the not so fun.
I have lost a special person in my life. This last week my FIL took a turn for the worse and sadly, passed away on Monday. Our family is doing well thanks in large part to the Peace of our Lord. I keep telling myself that my FIL is in a better place now . . .I have to think he must be whole in body, if you really have a body in heaven, and that he is watching over us. I know that he must be looking out for DD#1's Volleyball team. They have won both their matches since his passing. He is our families guardian angel now. Rest in Peace, Grandpa. We will miss you.

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